Ehret Hines, Red Oxide with Floating Square II, acrylic on watercolor paper, 11 x 11 inches

Dorothy Ehret Hines



Mostly Done,

Done Over


September 7th through October 1st


"Nothing I do is truly done, almost done, or mostly done. There is always something to change...


I love color, all kinds of color. Sometimes I try to imitate other painters (Never Van Gogh). But it never works. The scraps of paper on the floor under my worktable are more interesting. I grew up with the color barn red. It comes across in my smaller paintings.


I like using acrylic paints. They dry fast. They are flexible in getting all kinds of effects, and you can paint out whole areas. A mostly blue selection can turn mostly green. Lately, I have been thinking pink; it is not my favorite color but think of all the wonderful colors that go with yellow. I tried out yellow but it was not a success.


It may be done over."



In Upstream's West Gallery,

a group show of member artists

up through October 1st.

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