Listening, Louise Cadoux, Concrete, Wire, Wood, Paper Mache,  2016

Barn Door, Madeline Wilson, Archival Pigment Print, 20 x 30 inches

This month Upstream artists Cadoux and Wilson grapple with the issues of violence and mutability in the world around us. In Witness, Louise Cadoux offers us an intimate, witty and profoundly human vision of benevolent watchful spirits in our midst.  With Broken Threads, Wilson's moving photographs and constructions draw our attention to the loss inherent to decaying public spaces, shifting political boundaries and the break down of human communications.


Louise Aleman Cadoux



"Witness" came out of thinking about all the violence and mistrust in the world today. Our planet with its many life forms is under siege.


Speedy decision making is valued over taking the time to look for the least harmful solution to a problem.


It would be great if we could just stop, take stock, and try to understand each other.


Scarecrows and birds bear witness. If we asked them, they would give us a different perspective.



Madeline Wilson

Broken Threads


We continue to build, celebrate, and then abandon our commercial icons. We want to preserve our past, but broken threads tell only part of the story. These places sit in waiting and keep our secrets.


The photographs are a means of preservation. Finding small moments, splashed color within these spaces, like sparks of memory just outside our reach, reminds us that these places once harbored dreams and lives and the objects of our desires - some forgotten.


The Map Weaves reflect the changing landscape,boundaries broken by political change and environmental dissolution. The Music Weaves touch on the broken threads of communication; a breakdown of the universal language. The pieces are deconstructed and reformed, then the weaves are sealed in wax, obfuscating meaning while preserving history.




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