October 2015

Eleanor Goldstein


Goldstein's etchings, watercolors and mixed media pieces once again prove the strength of her form and color senses.  Whether her vocabulary in any given piece is strongly graphical or impressionistic, there is a muscularity to her visual language that is entirely distinctive.


Of her work she says: "I have a hungry eye--whether it is a moment of sun raking across a marsh, an arrow-shaped crane silhouetted across the sky, or perhaps, a face quickly seen or carefully studied.


In our world, constantly evolving and devolving, I need to freeze these moments through the process of placing paint. "







Luis Perelman


Perelman's background in architecture informs his highly structured geometric abstracts.


About this body of work, he says: "My primary interest is in the development and modulation of pattern and color. I am fascinated by the transformation that occurs when discarded or found objects become the basis for a work of art.


My most recent work has been the creation of wall reliefs using thin metallic surfaces, including flattened beverage cans, which I treat with patinas. This work has been inspired by Islamic designs and American quilt patterns."


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