Green Window, archival pigment print, Susan Richman

Be a Radio Technician, mixed media collage and acrylic, Mitchell Goldberg

November, 2015


Susan Richman



"Transient: not lasting long or passing quickly into and out of existence...


Transient is a series that pays homage to faded memory. All photographs were created in camera. Similar to a mirage, the images move in and out of existence and unless captured and preserved may be lost forever."



Mitchell Goldberg



"Fragments of memories, dreams and fantasies form the core of my collage work. Using magazines from the 1930s through the 1990s, I layer images of male figures, vintage automobiles and flashes of color to evoke feelings surrounding gay male sexuality.  I explore inner emotions related to body image, male camaraderie, desire and loneliness. Individual characters will often appear disconnected from crowds surrounding them, some comfortable with that, others distressed by it.


Altered, rewritten and distorted are the way I prefer to express my memories, making memory indistinguishable from fantasy. I love the old images from the 50s with groups of young men working on their cars, and I wonder about the close friendships they must have had. As a life long old car enthusiast, I love the cars too. These visions are not my own personal memories, but I like to pretend that they are."



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