Goldstein, Contstruction Site, Monoprint,  34 x 25


Eleanor Goldstein and Rachel Whitlow are friends, colleagues and admirers of each other's work.


In Chiaroscuro, they explore the range of light to dark, each in her own inimitable style but from a common perspective.  In an unusual approach, the two will share both galleries.


Exhibit runs November 2nd through November 26th.  Opening reception Sunday November 5th 2-5 pm.


Eleanor Goldstein

Chiaroscuro in painting defines objects solely by degrees of contrast between an object and its ground, without a contouring line. It employs slow gradations of value from light to dark that create volume by modeling form. We also refer to Chiaroscuro as the interplay of light and shadow on landscape that emphasizes form in a particularly dramatic way.


Goldstein says: " I am mesmerized by how the presence of light and its absence can both change and create mood."


Rachel Weatherford Whitlow


"I tend to work in the space between figurative and abstract landscape to create a language that evokes many senses. No matter what medium I'm using, the attempt is not to replicate the actual place, but transform it into a distilled emotional experience driven by imagination, memory and reflection.


For me, Chiaroscuro is about capturing the transitional period between light and dark. As light changes, landscapes seem to appear, disappear and evaporate in a matter of minutes, creating a completely different visual and emotive perspective of the same places over time."


- Rachel Whitlow


Whitlow, Moon Rising over the Brandywine, Acrylic and mixed media on paper, 40 x 60

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