This month, Upstream artists address time and history in their own languages.  With False Memory, Mitchell Goldberg presents all new collage work dealing with the distortions of time and place evidenced in popular imagery and old found photographs.  Using a subtle palette and formal composition, Goldberg conveys a sense of a plausible, yet reinvented past.


Richman's newest work, Ephemeral, tackles the paradox of permanent images that record a fleeting moment. Her abstract, densely colored visions make permanent an object that has been allowed to dissapear.


April 27th through May 21st. Opening reception for both shows is Sunday, April 30th, 2- 5pm.



"Altered, rewritten and distorted is the way I prefer to express my memory, making memory indistinguishable from fantasy.

I love the old photographs from the 1950s with groups of young men working on their cars, and I wonder about the close friendships they must have had.


It's not about nostalgia, but about wanting to understand what was inside their minds. These images are not my own personal memories, but I like to pretend that they are. The fragmented medium of collage with its tradition of using pop culture imagery is the perfect way for me to try to understand who these people were, and what they were feeling. Or what I imagine they were's all the same isn't it?"




New Photographs


My latest work deals with capturing the ephemeral state of our surroundings by photographing objects created out of ice. The fleeting nature of the melting ice adds a sense of urgency and spontaneity to an otherwise controlled still life. I've crafted the short-lived sculptures by layering colors, embedding plants and by melting and fracturing the frozen forms. Photographing the objects makes permanent the ice sculpture's temporary state and creates images that blur the lines between painting and photography.




Open Thursday through Sunday, 12:30 - 5:30 pm.    (914) 674-8548      Copyright 2015, Upstream Gallery and respective artists, all rights reserved