In Makom: Place Itself, Meer continues her exploration of the spiritual import of the world around us. For over ten years, she has been working in the wooded coastal areas of Down East Maine. More recently, she has begun photographing the lower Hudson Highlands. Of this work, she says: " Much of my

work is informed by a sense of the fragility of our lives and the people in it. This extends to the world around us, and in particular, the landscapes I work in most of the time".

With Fleeting Light, Whitlow continues to explore the boundaries between figurative and abstract language. Despite her careful geographic identifications, her work does not

reference a specific place as much as it transforms that place into a distilled experience derived from imagination, emotion and memory. Whitlow has always been drawn to the work

of the Luminist painters, many of whom also worked in the Hudson River Valley and Maine.  She learned to draw from her grandparents, and like them also graduated from Cooper


Two Perspectives:

Photographer & Painter Share

a History


A certain view of the world can run in families. This is especially true of this month's two solo

shows. In April 2012 Upstream presented solo shows by painter Mary Rankin and her daughter, the photographer Jo Zalon Meer.


This May, Upstream is excited to show two more generations:

 Meer and her daughter, Rachel Whitlow, a third generation

Upstream painter.


 For both artists, these shows represent an informal homage to Mary Rankin and her husband, painter Al Zalon.


Join us to celebrate these two as artists and three generations of Upstream artists on Sunday

May 1st from 2-5pm.









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