Art in This Time

A group show by gallery artists, March, 2017


"Art is the highest form of hope"

                                 -- Gerhard Richter


As artists, we are borderless, colorless and open to ideas.  As Americans, we are determined to take a stand.  Art in This Time is what we have to say about our current situation.


Come talk with us at the opening reception on Sunday, March 5th from 2-5 pm.


What is the role of the artist in this highly charged moment? With this group exhibition, Upstream Gallery artists find answers in the time- honored tradition of creation driven by intense engagement, social commentary and dissidence. We respond to this point in time by making art from any number of personal perspectives in an array of media, all imbued with the hope that art can lead, teach and heal.


It is Me, collage, Phyllis Famiglietti

Open Thursday through Sunday, 12:30 - 5:30 pm.    (914) 674-8548      Copyright 2015, Upstream Gallery and respective artists, all rights reserved