Susan Steeg, Girl Reading, acrylic on canvas

Susan Steeg:

Figurative Art


"Nothing is more compelling than a person's expression, mood or hidden feelings revealed through a portrait. In Figurative Art, I have employed various styles using oils, acrylics and collage to find a unique quality in each of my subjects.  Most of these portraits have come from my imagination and evolved as I worked on them, while others might resemble people I have seen, know or once knew."





Daniel van Benthuysen:

Paintings from Burgundy


Continuing my exploration of how light plays on architectural surfaces, these paintings are based on a summer 2016 residency in the medieval walled town of Noyers-sur-Serein. To make trans-Atlantic travel easier and to work more efficiently once there, I went back to watercolor, a medium I haven't used in 15 years. But it's been the medium of choice for travelers and explorers for centuries and made sense for me on this trip as well. All of the smaller watercolors in this show were done there in France. The larger watercolors and several oil paintings were done here in my studio, based on sketches and photos. Appropriately for a traveler and explorer, many of the watercolors were done on handmade papers from places like India, Spain, Tibet ... and even Manhattan.


Daniel van Benthuysen, Noyers Tower, watercolor on paper

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