Enrico Giordano: EVO.CA.TIONS


Evocation: the act of bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind; creating anew through the power of memory or imagination.


Process, in relation to concepts, determines the direction of the work. My pieces utilize layers of materials and images resulting in a variety of outcomes. For example, I might combine high gloss photographic surfaces with heavily textured panels; this results in discordant or hybrid art forms.


I think of process as an archeological dig. Strata of ideas, images, and surfaces, some abstract, others naturalistic, are "embedded" on two dimensional surfaces, scraped away over time, revealing what lies beneath.


Each piece is created with the knowledge that the viewer will play an important part interpreting its' meaning. Thus the work remains unfinished until the viewer interacts with it.


May 26th to June 19th:

Enrico Giordano: EVO.CA.TIONS

& Upstream Group Show. Opening Reception Sunday May 29th, 2-5 pm 


June 23rd to July 24th: PaperWorks IV.

Opening Reception June 26th, 2-5 pm




Friday, June 10th at 8 pm: Deni Bonet: Violinist, Singer,Songwriter, and performer.  Music ranging from Pop, to Roots Rock, to New Folk.





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