Jo Zalon Meer


Not Out of the Woods Yet


"This work is mainly 19th century processes such as Kallitype or Platinum / Palladium prints.  It continues a ten-year exploration into the forests of coastal Maine, especially Acadia.  I began this work years ago as a kind of report on a very specific corner of the world.   More and more, I find that it has also become a report on my own interior landscape, reflecting the rhythms of loss and age as well as a continued delight in image making."


Losing the Light

(Photographs for my Mother)


My mother was the painter Mary Rankin.  Many years before she died, she began losing her eyesight.  Almost entirely blind in the end, she continued to paint.  "Losing the Light" was for her.  I never set out to make them; they stubbornly insinuated themselves into every body of work I made.  I was honored to have been able to exhibit them for the first time in conjunction with my mother's last show: 'Pentimento'."


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