Throughout history, various forms of spirituality with origins in both eastern and western cultures have influenced artists as diverse as the abstract expressionists or the luminist painters of the Hudson River Valley school.  From earliest times, humans have been driven to explore the meaning of the world, and life itself, through art.


In The Spirit Within Upstream’s artists undertake a collective conversation

about what spirituality means to us today, at a particularly introspective time of year. This conversation is informed by emphasis on both the visual experience and the feelings within each of us. In making art, we can transcend the physical to arrive at a more meaningful emotive experience.


Whether we engage in discussion on historic events as in Ed Lessing’s

representational paintings of his 1937 Cub Scout friends (later killed by Nazis in World War II), bear witness to the beauty of man’s interaction with nature as in Cecily Spitzer’s vibrant abstractions or create a deeply personal spiritual

language as do many of our artists, we are all working within this tradition.  In this exhibition, Upstream artists express our own inner musings on what spirituality means to us in the world today.


Open Thursday through Sunday, 12:30 - 5:30 pm.    (914) 674-8548      Copyright 2015, Upstream Gallery and respective artists, all rights reserved