'In all of my work, I'm alert to the relationships of planes, line, negative spaces and viewpoint. Envisioning this interaction is what makes it exciting for me.' - Sondra Gold

Left, Nikkal,Triangles,blue, yellow, green pink, Oil on Canvas


Nancy Nikkal


Nikkal's rigorous and elegant abstractions work both as two dimensional statements and harmonic palettes.

Sondra Gold: Duets & Solos Recent Bronze, Steel and Copper Sculptures Sondra Gold's highly kinetic sculptures escape the bonds of their metal construction to become eloquent ideas about movement, society and light. Introducing Upstream's Newest Artists: Mia de Bethune, Phyllis Famiglietti and Nancy Nikkal de Bethune, Silver Weave, Acrylic on Paper Mia De Bethune Mia de Bethune De Bethune makes enigmatic constructs that hold both vision and ideas. Famiglietti,The Saturday Next, Collage Phyllis Famiglietti Famiglietti's work is informed by years of complex video making as well as a superb sense of how images speak.

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