Since Joan Rappaport's first visit to Monhegan Island, ME in 1979, she has spent more and more time there.  Originally a large Color Field painter, working in oil, the Monhegan landscape drove her to shift to a more intimate art form.


 "My Works have evolved, and continue to evolve, using crow quill pen & ink, watercolor and fine archival papers."


Through her use of line and color, Rappaport's work performs the difficult feat of being at once highly abstract yet somehow clearly embedded in a brilliantly active physical reality.


Dave Rappaport's work celebrates both nature and man through his use of monochrome watercolor and his earlier wood sculptures.  His fine lines and superb use of light are evident in all his work.  The majority of his early work from the 70's was wood sculpture, experimenting with dozens of varieties of native and foreign species, testing the limits of their structural characteristics and exploring their individual aesthetic qualities.


More recently his work has been two-dimensional, using charcoal, pastel and watercolor that has evolved into monochromatic images on archival paper that capture the architecture and landscape of upstate New York and Maine.


He will be donating a portion of the proceeds from sales during this show to ECAD's (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) Project Heal, which provides specially trained service dogs to Veterans of war.


In April Upstream features solo retrospectives from painters Dave Rappaport and Joan Rappaport. The work of these siblings could not be more different on the surface, yet both share an exquisite sense of how a simple line can define an image. Joan's meticulously crafted watercolors explode with subtle color, invoking a kinetic sense of the landscape around her. Her exquisitely detailed crow quill pen & ink drawings create a strong sense of a particular place, without being overly literal.


Dave's mysterious, highly detailed monochrome watercolors continue his exploration of Monhegan Island. In another body of work, he continues to pay tribute to all who have served our country in the armed forces, most recently in a lovely series of portraits of woman in the military honoring ECAD's Project HEAL.


Join us to celebrate the long history of these two, as artists and as Upstream colleagues, on Sunday April 3rd from 2-5pm.












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