For an explanation of the application process and members' responsibilities, see the MEMBERSHIP page, and use the email link there to ask for a review of your work.

Since 1991 Upstream has been a unique community of arts professionals whose members work together cooperatively to maintain a unique exhibition space. Artist members look to Upstream as a venue for experimentation, mutual support and artistic growth. The gallery embraces all fine arts media and all styles from realism to abstraction. Upstream is an established resource for new or experienced art collectors, as well as area curators, designers and art consultants.


The current artist members work in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, collage/assemblage, print-making and photography.  Styles range from the representational to the abstract.  Members have shown in a wide variety of venues throughout the United States and Europe.



ABOVE: The installation of a recent solo show by veteran Upstream artist Eleanor Goldstein.


LEFT: Artists and collectors at an opening reception for one of our juried shows.

Upstream encourages artists to submit their work for review.  Submissions are reviewed on a monthly basis, except during July and August.


Open Thursday through Sunday, 12:30 - 5:30 pm.    (914) 674-8548      Copyright 2015, Upstream Gallery and respective artists, all rights reserved